Q.  Why should I give my bank account details at the time of account opening ?

Ans. It is for protection of your interest. Your bank account number will be mentioned on the interest or dividend warrant you are entitled to so that such warrant cannot be encashed by anyone else. Further, a DP cannot open the account if bank account number is not given.

Q. Can I change details of my bank account ?

Ans. Yes. Since in the depository system monetary benefits on your security balances are paid as per the bank account details provided by you at the time of account opening , you must ensure that any subsequent change in bank account details is informed to your depository participant.

Q. What type of cards can be used at an ATM ?

Ans. The ATM cards / debit cards, credit cards and prepaid cards (that permit cash withdrawal) can be used at ATMs for various transactions.


Q. What are the services / facilities available at ATMs ?

Ans. In addition to cash dispensing ATMs may have many services / facilities such as:

    • Account Information
    • Cash Deposit
    • Regular Bills Payment
    • Purchases of Re-load Vouchers for Mobiles
    • Mini/Short Statement
    • Loan Account Enquiry etc

The services offered may vary from bank to bank, or may depend on the capacity of the machine to provide such services.

Q. Can these cards be used at any bank ATM in the country ?

Ans. Yes. The cards issued by Banks in India should be enable for use at any bank ATM within India.

Q. Is there any minimum and maximum cash withdrawal limit per day ?

Ans. Yes. Banks set limit for cash withdrawal by customers. The cash withdrawal limit for use at the ATM of the issuing bank is set by the bank during the issuance of the card. This limit is displayed at the respective ATM locations and also in user guide provided to the customer.

For cash withdrawal at other bank ATMs, banks have decided to maintain a limit of Rs. 25000/- per transaction. This information is displayed at the ATM location.

Q. How can I approach the bank for an advance ? 

Ans. yes  All you have to do to simply approach our branch-manager, apprise him / her of your need, and, he / she shall be too glad to guide you how to proceed further according to your specific needs.

Q. How would I get my dividend / interest or other cash entitlements??

Ans. The concerned company obtains the details of beneficiary holders and their holdings as on the date of the book closure / record date from NSDL. The payment to the investors will be made by the company through the ECS ( Electronic Clearing Service) facility or by issuing warrants on which your bank account details are printed. The bank account details will be those which you would have mentioned in your account opening form or changed thereafter

Q. What is the minimum balance needed for a current account ? 

Ans.One of the benefits of a current account is the low minimum average quarterly balance. However, this amount varies based on the type of current account you hold. Ask your relationship manager or bank executive for more details.

Q. What are the benefits of a current account ?

Ans. With a current account, you can do a large number of transactions in a single day. You also access several banking services free of charge, depending on the type of current account. This includes applying for overdraft facilities on your current account.

Q. What are the eligibility criteria to issue cards? ? 

Ans. The Card can be issued to Individual accounts holder / Self-Operated Savings, Current and Overdraft accounts. For joint accounts, with operating instructions as ‘either or survivor’ the card can be issued to anyone or all the joint account holders.

Q. My Debit card doesn’t work on ATMs ?

Ans. Debit Card does not work on ATMs due to some of the following reasons:

  • Your debit card may be blocked.
  • You may not have swiped the card properly.
  • Your card might have got damaged / deteriorated due to which it is not accepted by ATM where the card reader may be weak. In such case you may try at another ATM and if still does not work, request for a new card to your branch/ contact centre.
  • Your account may be inoperative or frozen at branch level due to some reason. Please contact your branch to know the account status.
  • You may be using wrong PIN.
  • Connectivity from the ATM has failed. In such case please try after some time or use another ATM.

Q. What are the supporting documents required while applying for the loan ?

Ans. Common requirements for all applicants.

  • Application form duly filled in (with photograph of all the applicant).
  • Residence and Age verification, which may be established from the PAN card, Election ID, Passport, Drivers licence and Ration card etc.
  • Copy of approved plan and sanction letter from local civic authority.
  • Copy of NA permission.
  • One/two guarantor/s form/s and salary certificates. – If guarantor is in business, copies of I.T. returns or assessment orders for the last three years are required.
  • Bank Pass-book of statements for the last two years.
  • Latest salary slip/statement showing all deductions in case of employed applicants.
  • Certified copies of Balance Sheets and Profit and Loss accounts, IT acknowledgments, advance tax challans (for both company/firm and personal account) for the last three years in case of self employed applicants.
  • Memorandum/Articles of Association for companies, partnership deeds for firms and a brief profile of your company/firm in case of self employed applicants.